We return you to our regularly scheduled program “Drama Queens”!

It has been so long since I’ve posted that I’m not sure where to begin (again) nor am I even sure what name I was posting “Drama Queens” under…so I’m thinking I should just start at the beginning…or maybe I should start with the current situation and do “flash backs”? What do you think?

Although EVERYTHING I will relate to you is the PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH (as I see it!), what little money I have shouldn’t be spent on lawyers trying to defend myself in some asinine “defamation” lawsuit brought forth by a money-grubbing low-life from the Great (but IMAGINARY) State of AB-a-LAM-a.  Also, I want my readers to also remember that ORANGE is NOT the new BLACK, I LOOK sick (well, sicker than usual) in ORANGE, and I look even WORSE in STRIPES, so after reading a chapter or two of “Drama Queens”, you will understand why I have taken the precaution of “changing names to protect the innocent” and saying “This is a work of FICTION!  ANY resemblance to ANY person, LIVING or DEAD is PURELY COINCIDENTAL!” “The author holds exclusive rights to this work, UNauthorized duplication is prohibited.” “This work will (eventually) mention drugs, child abuse, adultery and rock’n’roll, read at your own annoyance.”