Drama Queens — One

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from here was a nice Mom and her Son.  Mom was a sweet old lady who had seen some ugly parts of life and had learned to be self-reliant, she was loving and generous to almost a fault.  She and her adult son were very much alike and able to have discussions about everything in life.  Both were fun-loving and enjoyed spending time together.  They were intelligent, they were “salt-of-the-earth” type folks and both felt great compassion for others less fortunate than themselves.

Together, they had endured physical and emotional abuse throughout their lives, which perhaps made their bond stronger than “normal” parent/child relationships, but the bonds they had formed made them stronger and able to face the trials that arise in life.  Mom was a wealth of good, solid advice…some of which the Son followed, some he didn’t…but she always encouraged him to do what was right for HIM, to listen to the “voice of experience” yet follow his own path.

At the time we pick up on their story, she was 52 and he was 32.  Both were unmarried and self-sufficient, both were emotionally ready to find their “soul-mate”, a “life-partner”, someone to share romantic adventures and build a future..

That summer, while attending a co-workers wedding, Son met Miss Soup…Son was 6’3″, and fashionably thin.  The typical “tall, dark and handsome”…but it never occurred to him that he might be classified as such.  He was drawn to Miss Soup because she was as tall as he was, he liked a woman he could “look in the eyes” while dancing! She wasn’t as “curvy” as he usually was attracted to, but she was fun to be with.  She was only 19, and the attention of a woman so young certainly fed his ego!  He didn’t know at the time that she was only “coming on” to him because she and her gay brother had a bet as to which one of them was going to drag Son off to bed that night (and neither of them knew that Son wasn’t looking for a one night stand, and wouldn’t bed either of them THAT night!)

Miss Soup would eventually “win” the bet, as Son was strictly a “straight” guy…but he had friends of all types, as most Los Angelenos do.  She was attracted to him because he was “older”, had a really nice car, a great job, a nice apartment near the beach…and he was CERTAINLY a viable way to get away from her controlling and STUPID parents who kept talking about CONSEQUENCES!

Miss Soup was finally introduced to Mom…and as wise as Mom was, she didn’t see Miss Soup for the sociopath she was.  As usual, Mom wanted her Son to be happy, so advised him to go slowly, and make sure she really was “the One”.

Mom asked if Son would be happy with a female who never acted very feminine, didn’t know how to cook, didn’t care about the disarray in his apartment, which, while not the best when he lived alone, steadily degenerated from “messy” to “filthy”.  But he assured Mom that “things are different now, Mom…not like they were 40 years ago!”  But, Son had no idea what occupied Soup’s day…she didn’t work, or volunteer in the community, or cook and clean.  Even after she decided that she was going to marry him, she made no attempts to even plan the wedding; she didn’t order invitations, or a cake…waited until the week before the wedding to buy a dress.  Mom suspected that “maybe” Soup’s heart wasn’t devoted to this whole marriage thing…especially when the Bride’s footwear consisted of a pair of white flip-flops…but her son’s happy countenance eased her fears, and she thought it wiser to just say nothing when the minister said “…speak now, or forever hold your peace…”

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Chapter 2.8–“I HATE it here, let’s move to Abalama!”

Chapter 2.9–“I HATE my parents! let’s move back to the Beach!”

Chapter 3.0–“I’m bored!  I want an “open marriage”!”