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Oh, what the heck, anyway…

Poor KellyMae, I write more in the “comments” section of HER blog than I write in ANY of mine…but hers are more fun…I laugh more reading HERS…and if you haven’t read ReallyBigMeanDog, get the heck over there and do it!!!

At LEAST Miss Kelly seems to have a fukkin POINT…Asleep at the Wheel is just that…very Asleep…yet, still responsible for the consequences…

I have a story this morning about Boudreaux, the Frenchie that graces our lives, makes us laugh, and keeps me from sleeping the day away on the sofa in a depressive state…

I also should tell you about the (to use Miss Kelly’s word) Fuckery perpetrated by a certain person I’ve designated “Soup”…and, to Soup, I say “I’ll meet you there in hell, you low-life, used-up c__t!” She had the NERVE to compare her four weeks of marijuana infused motherhood to my FORTY FUKKIN YEARS of motherhood…AND, I will add, MY son doesn’t do dope of ANY KIND, has NEVER been to JAIL, has been GAINFULLY employed at the same place for the last SEVEN years, hasn’t given himself to any prick that uses a size “MAGNUM” condom, and he WISHES his name was written in every bathroom from Tallahassee to Mobile along with his phone number and “For a good time, call”…but, SOUP seems to have that corner of the market all tied up!! Oh, and by the way, his MOTHER only has to help pay his rent when his LOW-LIFE, LEGAL WIFE comes traipsing “home” with her little bastard child…and expects her “husband” to support HER, HER BASTARD child, AND the low-life fukker that beats the CRAP out of her every other NIGHT! Yea, you are a SUPERIOR mother, alrighty…skimp on that poor babies food so you can buy weed and OXY!!! I wish I knew for SURE WHO reported your lazy ass to Child Services, I’d buy them a new pair of John Hardy earrings!!! Find an idiot and follow her home, and what will you find? An older pair of idiots who have been allowed to breed…and THOSE idiots have been busy breeding…so there’s an entire pit full of idiots! There’s a reason that people live in the entirely FICTIONAL state called ABaLAMa…survival of the fittest proclaims that in any other state, SOMEone would have taken mercy on them, and put them all out of my misery! And, no offense to anyone employed at McDonalds…but even McDonalds refuses to hire any of this clan! (So, you and I, Mr & Mrs Works For a Living Taxpayer, support this group of miscreants!!) Beware of anyone that still doesn’t realize that “The War of Northern Aggression (aka: u.s.Civil War) ended 150 YEARS ago! GET A GRIP! (Lucky Canada, so far away from these people!) It HAS to be due to some sort of inbreeding, or something in the water…

Now that I’ve got my blood pressure back up to normal….it appears that I’m going to have to get off my lazy ass and clean house today…I’ve ignored it for SOOOOOO LONG that not even Merry Maids will take the job…and the 15 minutes I can actually STAND and DO something…doesn’t even make a dent in the grime on the tile in the kitchen…I “think” I’m “overtaxed” when I empty the dishwasher…thank Gods for the Zoloft my DH takes…if it weren’t for the Zoloft fog, he would have divorced my ass long ago…and run back to his first wife…promising ANYTHING if she’d just keep his underwear drawer filled…no, no…don’t try to talk me out if it…I’m gonna march…well, ok…HOBBLE right into the kitchen RIGHT NOW…and then try to find the counter top underneath the detritus of a weeks worth living…(and THEN, I’m gonna order me a new pair of John Hardy earrings, cuz, I DESERVE em!). I feel much better now that I’ve “vented” a bit!

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